Yacht Booking

What can you do for me?

We can help you find and book the yacht that suits you the best. All the yachts in our portfolio are impeccably maintained. We work with top-rated charter partners. You will get the best offers. We leave nothing to chance.

How much does it cost to book a yacht in Croatia?

Yacht charter prices vary according to the period of booking, size, style, and age of the yacht you rent. Contact us now for the list of yachts and prices.

How do I make the RIGHT CHOICE?

You have to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is my personal preference?
2. What suits my group best?
3. What is my holiday budget?
4. What yachts are available for my chosen dates?

What are MY OPTIONS?

There are two main yacht types:

1. Sailing yacht (Monohull, Catamaran, Gulet)
2. Motor yacht

Choose the yacht type and location you desire. Tell us about your needs. We will take care of everything else.

Why choose a CATAMARAN?


Catamarans are luxurious floating apartments.

Booking a catamaran will open new horizons for living at sea. A catamaran will give you comfort and a lot of space. Because a catamaran doesn’t heel (tilt) it offers far more comfort underway than a monohull.

You will love all the great features:

1. Large cockpit
2. Open plan saloon and galley
3. Big and bright kitchen
4. Rooms come with en-suite baths and air-conditioning
5. Large storage space

Catamarans are very wide and provide lots of outdoor areas, for all kinds of activities (yoga, sunbathing, reading, board games, dancing, listening to music…).

If you’re coming to Croatia to relax and recharge on the Adriatic Sea, you can’t beat a Catamaran.

Why choose a MONOHULL?

Sailing yacht

We recommend monohulls for a holiday in Croatia to every true lover of the wind and the sea. A sailing monohull will ensure the real sailing experience.

If you love feeling the power of the wind under sail choose a monohull. You will have an exhilarating sailing holiday.

The main reasons for choosing a monohull are:

1. Active holidays that engage the body and relax the mind
2. Perfect for sports lovers who want to take part in sailing
3. Less expensive option for enjoying nature and sea

Monohulls slice through the water effortlessly. You can sleep in smaller coves because of their size. With a monohull, you have more docking options. It’s also a generally less expensive option for sailing holidays.

Why choose a MOTOR YACHT?

Motor yacht

Motor yachts give you the privilege, freedom, and speed to move from one place to the other in a short time. They are the best choice for island-hopping holidays in Croatia.

The main reasons for choosing motor yachts are:

1. Ultimate luxury, elegance and comfort
2. Easy access to beautiful destinations
3. Speed and adventurous cruise

You can escape unpleasant weather and reach your destination in no time. Fuel costs can be high, so remember to factor them into the final costs.

If you want to explore many locations in a short time, a motor yacht is the right choice.

Tell us about your needs! We will pair you with your perfect yacht.

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