Crew Service

From the moment you step on the yacht, the crew is here to ensure relaxation, pleasure, and delight.
The crew is the heart and soul of your sailing holiday. They are discreet and give you privacy, and at the same time energetic and engaging.


The skipper of any yacht has one primary duty; the safe manning and operation of the yacht. She/he handles the crew, tenders, toys, and the guests onboard. She/he knows safe anchorage spots and hidden coves that shield from every wind. The skipper knows timetables for each docking facility throughout the peak season.

Your skipper is your insider. She/he knows all the hacks that will make your holiday perfect. With the captain on board, you don’t have to do the work. She/he will take care of navigation, sails, weather, and everything else required around the boat. If you want to learn new skills, don’t hesitate to ask for lessons.

The skipper is the expert that will guide you during your private charter. According to your likes and interests, he will organize your ideal sailing holiday.


The yacht hostess handles the maintenance of the interior of the yacht. She provides the highest standard of hospitality and service. If there’s no Chef, she will prepare and cook food. Her duties include provisioning, purchasing food, meal planning, and making drinks.

The hostess/cook usually prepares breakfast, lunch, and snacks. If you want 3 cooked meals, consider hiring a Chef.
She will do an introduction to the yacht. In agreement with you, she will organize a daily schedule for the meals and snacks.

If the skipper isn’t available she will drive the tender. The hostess can take you on sightseeing tours, or to the mainland. She also assists in docking and putting up the sails. If you have experience and want to be the skipper, hiring only a hostess is also an option.


Having a chef onboard is an out-of-this-world experience. She/he is a trained culinary expert with lots of experience. With extensive food knowledge, a Chef will introduce you to the local delicacies. With everyday specials, you will satisfy your cravings.

If you want a creative and talented professional with a primary focus on food, hiring a Chef is the best option. You will get a full board fine dining experience; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hiring a Chef doesn’t mean you have to eat all the meals on board. Trying a local restaurant is also a part of the sailing experience.


A yacht nanny will take care of your little ones. Hiring a nanny can help reduce some of the pressure and allow you to have some time alone with your partner.

The nannies we hire have been through an in-depth screening process. Our agency conducts a detailed interview with each candidate. We verify candidates’ references before ever referring them to you.

If you have any questions or are looking to hire a yacht nanny, contact us today.

Tell us about your needs! We will find the crew for you.

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